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    Dave Powell Guest

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    I (the instructor) have a database table in Access that I want to put on the web for students to see their current grade(record). I want them to see only their grade and NOT those of other students. The data in the table will change often during the semester, so I would like to update the data only once per change. <BR><BR>How can I set this scenario up so that individual students can view only their data as the semester progresses?<BR><BR>My college allows me the freedom of direct and ftp access to my web class folders on the college&#039s web server.<BR><BR>Do I need an ASP?<BR>What security is involved? and how do I accomplish security?<BR>I have 22 students. Do I need 22 separate Access reports? This seems like it would be tiresome.<BR><BR>Please help if you can.<BR><BR>Prof. Powell (dave)<BR>lfpowed@lf.cc.va.us

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    Nathen Grass Guest

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    You can use ASP for this, but the web server has to support the use of ASP. If the web server you have access to is NT with IIS or has ChiliASP then you won&#039t have any problems using ASP. As far as setting up the application goes, it looks like you&#039re going to have to give each student a login ID and a password to access the information. The login ID will be the identifying characteristic of the student so the web application knows what information to send back to the browser. All of this can be enforced in the database itself. Basically each grade record will have the Login ID as part of the record so when a student logs in the query sent to the database would be something similiar to:<BR><BR>SELECT Grades FROM tblGrades WHERE LoginID = [Student&#039s Login ID Here]<BR><BR>As long as the students keep their passwords secure you shouldn&#039t have any problem keeping people from seeing records that they&#039re not supposed to see. <BR><BR>Web-based reports are generated dynamically from the database, so you wouldn&#039t need 22 separate reports. Just one report template that gets filled in with the appropriate data associated with the student requesting the report. <BR><BR>I hope this helps make things a little clearer. You can contact me at ngrass@isignia.com if you need a more detailed explanation.<BR><BR>Nathen Grass

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