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    I found this code on this web site at<BR><BR>here&#039s the code:<BR><BR><BR> &#039Create an instance of IE<BR>Dim IE<BR>Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")<BR><B R>&#039Execute our URL<BR>ie.navigate("") <BR><BR>&#039Clean up...<BR>Set IE = Nothing <BR><BR>It says just type the code into notepad and save with a .vbs extension. I did this and the scheduler tells me it could not start. No explantation of course. Has anyone used this? What am I doing wrong? <BR><BR>Does anyone know of a different way to do this? One that does not require IE to be running?<BR><BR>Lori

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    Make sure that you put quotes around the file name when you saved it in notepad (e.g., "filename.vbs") or you will get a .txt on the end (e.g., filename.vbs.txt).<BR><BR>

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