Sending email from ASP Page (Non-IIS)

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Thread: Sending email from ASP Page (Non-IIS)

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    Hi,<BR> What do I need to install and have on the web server for an ASP page to send an email?<BR> Our web server is Netscape Enterprise running NT and using ChiliSoft for ASP. (My understanding is we cannot use CDONTS if we are not running IIS).<BR>Thanks<BR>Nirun

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    You should ask the ChiliSoft tech support people.<BR><BR>You should certainly be able to use AspMail (from, I believe). I use it on my own personal pages and it works fine. <BR><BR>But ask the tech support people. There is now a "Spice Pack" for at least some platforms that includes an email component. I don&#039t know if it&#039s available for NT/Netscape, but you can ask.<BR><BR>

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