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    I have a page ...<BR>http://www.test.com/test/default.asp<BR><BR>I wish to pass a parameter within the URL, like this.<BR>http://www.test.com/test/?123<BR><BR>Is this possible?<BR>I can get the querystring by doing ...<BR>http://www.test.com/test/default.asp?i=123<BR>Request.QueryString("i")<BR>B ut what happens if I don&#039t want to type the default.asp part of give it a variable?<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    The following are valid:<BR>http://www.test.com/?i=123<BR>http://www.test.com/default.asp?i=123<BR>The following are invalid:<BR>http://www.test.com/?123<BR>http://www.test.com/default.asp?123<BR><BR>You need to have a variable name for Querystrings to work. There is no tewo ways about it...

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