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    I&#039m collecting the ITEMS putting them into field_Name and field_Value. I want to put them into a Session arrary.<BR>So i can get something like Request.Form("FirstName")="luis"<BR>but instead I get luis=luis<BR>here is the code<BR>For each ITEM in Request.Form<BR><BR>field_Name(i) = Mid(ITEM,2)<BR>field_Value(i) = Request.Form(field_Name(i))<BR><BR>Session("+ fieldname(i) +") = fieldvalue(i)<BR>Next <BR>

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    Why do you do<BR><BR>field_Value(i) = Request.Form(field_Name(i))<BR><BR>instead of<BR><BR>field_Value(i) = Request.Form(ITEM)<BR><BR>Second, when you set your session value, I would think the correct syntax would be<BR><BR>Session(fieldname(i)) = fieldvalue(i)<BR><BR>(notice that there aren&#039t any quotation marks)<BR><BR>Don&#039t know if this will help or not.

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    I want to beable to loop through the sessions. Will the answer you gave accomplish it

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