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    We&#039re using Index Server to index one of our web sites. However, we are using 3 servers for load balancing; one server is replicated to the other 2.<BR><BR>I need to create five Index Server catalogs for the site, with a lot of excluded directories. Needless to say, it would be a pain to do the same thing thrice. Does anyone have any experience with implementing only one Index Server in a load balanced environment?<BR><BR>Thanks!!

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    O.k. simply it can&#039t be done. Since an ASP page can only use those components that are on the server that the script relies on. So if the page uses say ADSI then if i move the script to a server which does not have ADSI on it will no longer function. Same with index server...<BR><BR>So i think you&#039ll have to install/configure index server on all three, which I is a pain.

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