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Thread: Dynamically creating/displaying ActiveReports .RDF

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    Matthew P. Seltzer Guest

    Default Dynamically creating/displaying ActiveReports .RDF

    I have been trying to create ActiveReports .RDF files &#039on-the-fly&#039 on an IIS server on which ActiveReports (with SP3) has been installed. Using VB 6.0, I have created an ActiveX DLL which passes a string parameter to an instance of a dummy ActiveReports report, which then incorporates the string into a report header. (This dummy report, consisting of a .DSR and .DSX file, has already been compiled into my ActiveX DLL.) The string parameter gets passed to an ASP page, which, in turn, instantiates an object from the ActiveX DLL. This ActiveX object runs and saves the report to a persistent .RDF file, which then gets viewed from an HTML page using the ActiveReports Java report viewer (DDARJV.class).<BR><BR>I have tested my ActiveX DLL from VB 6.0, and I am able to create dynamic .RDF files from a VB 6.0 executable, so I am fairly confident that my home-grown ActiveX DLL works properly. Whenever I try to create dynamic .RDF files on our IIS server, what gets created is a 1KB &#039junk&#039 file that cannot be viewed in the Java report viewer. I know that there are several other users who are attempting to do the same thing as I am, and they are getting these unviewable &#039junk&#039 files, also. What is the difference (if any) between dynamically creating an ActiveReports .RDF file in the VB environment versus creating on an IIS server using ASP?<BR><BR>

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    Matthew P. Seltzer Guest

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    I created a default printer on my IIS server, and, voila, problem solved. (Even tho&#039 I am not actually printing anything, the reports I am creating dynamically need to be rendered, somehow, and I guess that&#039s where installing a printer comes in.) Anyway, all&#039s well that ends well.<BR><BR>

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