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    Benjamin Noel Guest

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    Background: I have a left frame with a form on it for selecting dates. When the user presses the form button, it is supposed to load an ASP in the main frame which is supposed to process the form date information. <BR><BR>All of the examples that I see for using forms and Response.Form do not use frames. When I attempt to use the examples with a form on the left frameset with the Action set to an ASP, the frame (of course) attempts to load the ASP page in place of the frameset and I get an error. How does one use a form that is on a frameset then post to an ASP in the main frame?

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    KPW Guest

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    Don&#039t know if this will help, but in your form tag, use the TARGET attribute to target your right-hand frame. (This works better if you name your frames in your FRAMESET page.)<BR><BR>&#060;FORM NAME="myForm" ACTION="myAsp.asp" TARGET="right_frame" METHOD="POST"&#062;<BR><BR>(for example)<BR><BR>HTH

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    Benjamin Noel Guest

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    That worked. Thanks! Some times its the easy things that take forever.

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