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    I am about to launch a site 1 month from now(hopefully), Im on the stage of developing the back end portion of it and i was just wondering if whether i should stick to Access DB first or go into SQL Server. I really dont know how much traffic my site would have but i know things could get ugly if I use Access on my site and wont be able to support multi-user. Anyone out there who have encounter this experience please drop a note. Should i stick to access for now and just shift to SQL server once my sites gets heavy traffic????? the only reason why im developing this site using access is im doing it at home and for me to develop it in SQL Server i need to do it after office hours. Thank you

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    You&#039ll save yourself a lot of grief if you upsize it to SQL Server before launch. No reason you can&#039t use Access for development, though, although converting stored procedures (if you use them) can be a pain if you&#039re using Access97. I understand the upsizing wizard for Access 2000 is more versatile.

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    Even if you don&#039t have alot of traffic yet, your database errors will be nill if you use SQL compared to Access. I just switched from Access to SQL for our site which gets about 1k (10k - 20k total) impressions a day to asp pages. Usually, I would get a few errors each day with Access, and then there is a lag time for the database to fix itself and start working again therefore even though we did not get many errors the # of vistiors lost is unknown. Since I upgraded to SQL, NO errors in 2 weeks. <BR><BR>NOTE: BE SURE TO IMPLEMENT CONNECTION ERROR CHECKING ON YOUR PAGES ESPECIALLY IF YOU USE ACCESS!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DON&#039T YOU WILL REGRET IT. BESIDES, IT IS GOOD CODING PRACTICE TO CHECK FOR ERRORS.

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