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    Hi,<BR><BR>Situation:<BR><BR>I am making a download manager, but want people to have to go through my program to be able to download.<BR><BR>Idea:<BR><BR>To copy the requested file from C:InetpubDownloads to C:InetPubWWWROOTDownloads and redirect the user to<BR>Then delete the file.<BR><BR>Problem:<BR><BR>I haven&#039t a clue how to do this.<BR><BR>Also, am I making an easy job difficult?<BR><BR>If you know how to make my idea work, or haver an easier solution, then please let me know.<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance...James Andrews -

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    Thats exactly what I have done for one of my applications<BR><BR>The only problem or draw back that I had was I have to add the .zip file extension to the file name to force the download<BR><BR>So I had to put a message <BR><BR>The Requested file has been renamed with a (.zip) file extensionfor the sole purpose of forcing the download<BR><BR>When you save the file to your computer or before opening the file remove the (.zip) file extension<BR><BR>so the file would be like<BR><BR>if you would like the code email me at

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