uploading files using asp???

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Thread: uploading files using asp???

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    Default uploading files using asp???

    Anybody know how to allow users to upload files to your server using a form and asp????

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    Ritesh Guest

    Default you will have to use a component.

    You can go to www.15seconds.com<BR>A component called SAFileUpload is available there for free. You can use that component. <BR>There is no simple ASP script or code for that.

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    SanjuT Guest

    Default RE: uploading files using asp???

    goto aspupload.com which will help you.<BR>

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    Vijai Guest

    Default RE: uploading files using asp???

    I guess it is easy to do that, even though i&#039ve not done that.<BR><BR>&#060;input type="file"&#062; should be able to do that.<BR><BR>Also it needs some dll to be installed in your Inetpub/ script directory or somewhere in the web directory.<BR><BR>The name of the dll is cpshost.dll, try searching for that dll name in msdn or in web somewhere to know more details.<BR><BR>Let me know if you achieve that. If you could&#039nt get that done also let me know, i can get you the exact answer from somebody<BR><BR>vijaikum@hotmail.com<BR><BR>Good Luck<BR>Vijai

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