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    I want to display image in a web page such as when I display the page, the image size should be small. When I click on it or when I point the mouse over it, it should be bigger. Again after mouse out or next click, it should decrease the size. Can you suggest me the code?

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    There is no way to do this with NetScape, because in NetScape, all images&#039 sizes are fixed -- they cannot be adjusted (this reduces loading time). In Internet Explorer, however, you can do it by setting document.images(0).style.width and document.images(0).style.height, where "0" is the number of the image, starting at 0 for the first image on the page, and counting up from there. If this is for IE only, and you need more help, I can give it to you, but not until Sunday.

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    it&#039s been done for both IE 4+ and Netscape 4... not be me, of course, but what you&#039re looking for sounds kind of like a "thumbnail viewer" where there&#039s a small version of the graphic, and when you click on it, a larger version appears... it&#039s "free code" at <BR>http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex4/thumbnail.htm<BR><BR>hope this helps<BR>-mercy

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