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    RobT Guest

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    I just started getting this error. <BR><BR>ASP+ Error<BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Could not load assembly &#039gen209&#039. Please make sure that your assemblies are placed in D:Webswwwin <BR><BR><BR>It seems the error here deals with a "gen assembly".<BR>It appears each file gets a "gen assembly number" and<BR>it can not find them. I have tried creating new pages<BR>as well. The new pages compile but once they are error<BR>free, I am thrown in to this. I have tried everything.<BR><BR>if someone knows, please share. We are orking on it and I will update when this is resolved. This seemed to happen on it&#039s own.<BR><BR>Rob

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    RobT Guest

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    Never mind.<BR>Problem Corrected.<BR><BR>Server Maintenance.

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