Hi,<BR><BR>Maybe a simple question, but how do I collect information from a user over a length of e.g. 6 pages? I use a lot of variables now and sent them to the next pages using hidden fields. I think there is a better way, but could find it... For example I have on page 4 where visitors fill in their names etc. and in page 6 there is said: Mr. or Mrs. &#060;name&#062;. It works really fine, but there are a total of 34 fields!! So it doesn&#039t look nice when you look at the source code... <BR><BR>As you might notice I am new at ASP programming, so I hope someone can help me out. I like the book by the way a lot, it is written really clearly.<BR><BR>Greetings Ralf Alderlieste.<BR><BR>P.s. Is it also possible e.g. to store already some info about users, e.g. to a textfile so that the client of ours can already have an idea where to put his marketing on? Or is it handier to use databases for this? (guess so, but have to do it simple cos&#039 the budget is not too big..)