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    Ashumati Guest

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    How to insert a zoom image in a asp/html file? First the image size is small and if you click on it then it will zoom out and display original big image.

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    schnookums Guest

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    It sounds like what you are asking about is a thumbnail image. You can physically create a thumbnail image using a component like ASPImage. This will create a separate image file that is sized to whatever dimensions you desire. You can also force an image to be smaller or larger by simply changing its HEIGHT and WIDTH values in the HTML code, HOWEVER, this sends the entire image to the browser (for example, if you actual image is 800x600 and is 300 KBytes, and you tell the browser to display it as 80x60, the browser will happily do it, but it still has to download the entire 300 KBytes, whereas if you had converted the image to a thumbnail, the 80x60 image might have only been 5 KBytes in size.<BR><BR>

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