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    Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to have a form created in Access open up only (not with the Access window behind it) or to create an executable file using a form? When I create a shortcut on my desktop to the form, the form opens up but it opens up with the Access background and menu bar. I have used the Tools, Startup option to set the options I want, but it isn&#039t working the way I want. I want it to work similar to when you create an exe file in Visual Basic. If I haven&#039t been to clear as to what I want, let me know.

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    This is not a question for this messageboard.<BR><BR>However, I do beleive that you cannot do what you are trying to do, since an access form depends on Access. Therefore access will have to start in the normal way. <BR><BR>Things can get get complicated if you set start up options and then create external shortcuts to forms. If you choose to run your database app via external shortcuts, I suggest that you remove any startup options. <BR><BR>The only way you can run it the way you want is via a VB app.

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