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    i have read a lot of ASP material on the web recently. a lot of people are suggesting the use of &#039getrows&#039 for fast data retrival i.e. lessing the load on the server for repeated requests of the same query to return the next record in the table.<BR><BR>the way i see it is although this method maybe faster and efficient for retrival of small amounts of data, for greater number of data (records with more than 15k of data) retrival it can also impose a big load on the server machine.<BR><BR>in these situations when i must retrive large number of records consisting large data isn&#039t it best to use the &#039normal&#039 method? i.e. grab one record at a time?<BR><BR>i would like to know other&#039s opinion on this.<BR><BR>thank you.

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    nope, it&#039s still better<BR><BR>repeated rs("blah blah") calls are heavy on resources<BR><BR>thge thing about getrows is, you can close the connection and recordset IMMEDIATELY after the call to getrows(), therefore, you don&#039t have the object open for all that time, wasting resources. it&#039s just best, OK?<BR><BR>jason

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    Default and besides ... [Rule of Thumb time]

    ... by the time you have enough data from a query to floor a server with .getRows, stepping through on the conventional method will have timed out your script (or at least your audiences&#039 attention span).<BR><BR>Rule of Thumb & Moral of Story: Don&#039t hypothesize about delivering all the statistical backing for your thesis to a brain-damaged puppy. (Exception being a philosophy thesis, but there are few enough brain-damaged puppies reading the statisical backing for your philosophy thesis to floor a decent server with a .getRows anyway.)<BR><BR>Hopefully you found this enlightening and maybe even amusing. And remember, when debugging, the customer is always wrong. That&#039s why you have to debug the fool thing in the first place.

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