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    skinny Guest

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    I&#039ve created a COM object that I&#039m using from ASP<BR>scripts. However, I have a few methods that return<BR>objects in the function. Like..<BR><BR>ComObject.Method(in value, out value2, out value3)<BR><BR>I keep getting type mismatch errors whenever I try to<BR>use these methods.

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    Nate Johnson Guest

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    Type mismatch leads me to believe that you are passing the incorrect data type into the com method. one example of a problem that can happen if you explicity define something as a string in the paramters of your COM method, but then inadvertantly pass in a variant from your webpage. I would verify all of the paramters that you are passing and use the cint(), cstr() functions where necessary...<BR>these functions will convert integer and string, respectively before you pass them into the com.<BR><BR>

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    skinny Guest

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    Thanks for your response! I&#039m positive that I&#039m passing<BR>the right stuff into the method. I guess my real question<BR>is:<BR><BR> Is there any pitfalls with returning values in a method<BR>call? <BR><BR>The parameter that seems to trip up is something that the<BR>COM object will fill up with values and return to me. <BR>It should be passed by reference so the COM object can<BR>modify its value and return it to me.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>skinny

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