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    Does anyone know how to take a web application coded in ASP and build the recordsets to remain local until a connection is resumed? Microsoft Money 99 was built with this principal but they used htx... I thought there was a way to pull a bunch of recordsets into temporary arrays so as a laptop users traveling can download contacts and update them, but the worldwide database won&#039t take effect until he resumes his database connection. Like a SYNC recordset. Has anyone had experience with this?

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    I think that what you are talking about is beyond the realm of a browser-based web app. ASP runs on the web server, so you must be connected to the server to access the database anyway. So the idea of creating temporary local tables is not an option. <BR><BR>What your need is a thin-client client-server system, that replicates the required records on a local database and synchronises the replica with the central database when there is a connection. This would probably be best tackled with a full blown VB app. It could still probably work across the web, but would not be browser based, unless you built a custom browser using vb and activex browser control. (This is not my area of expertise!)

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