I currently have an ASP that creates a &#039report&#039 based on Oracle data. I want to allow folks to email this report as an html attachment. I would like to &#039redirect&#039 the html to a file dynamically, without having to display the report on the screen if possible, in order to attach to an email. I assume I could write a VB app to generate an html file and attach it but I was trying to do this all within a single ASP file (only have to maintain 1 set of code). How can I redirect the html output of the ASP to a file (that I name) instead of the browser and then return back to the calling page so that I can continue with my mail routine and send file as attachment? I may be going about this all wrong and any advise/direction appreciated. Later I hope to automate the sending of the report for users that request to have it sent on a given schedule (daily, weekly,etc).