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    I have database information that I need to parse into a tab-delimited text file. I&#039ve seen the parsing loop once it becomes a text file. I just have never seen the translation between the two. I presume it is relatively simple, butI have not been able to figure it out myself.<BR><BR>Can anyone help? Or tell me where to go to find it?<BR><BR>Thanx

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    As long as it&#039s not a really big recordset, this will work<BR><BR>Set outputstr = rs.GetString(2, , chr(9), vbcrlf, "")<BR><BR>and then print outputstr to a file with a textstream<BR><BR>If it is too big to practically handle in one pass, you can break outputstr into an array of strings<BR><BR>strarray = split (rs.GetString (2, , chr(9), vbcrlf, ""), chr(9), -1, 1)<BR><BR>and then loop through the array to output each string with the textstream.<BR><BR>

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