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    I&#039m trying to send the results of a form through email using CDONTS and SMTP on IIS4.0 . While trying to figure it out, I came across this:<BR><BR>This is what Microsoft Says:<BR><BR>For proper delivery of mail, you must have the SMTP server component of IIS configured to send mail to the addresses you specify. This is done through the Domain Name System (DNS). <BR><BR><BR>but it doesn&#039t tell me how to do it. Any help would be wonderful<BR><BR>thanks in Advance

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    Hi..<BR>I could help you.<BR><BR>you have to configure your SMTP server. first create a user in this mail server. first click on programs-&#062;administrative tools-&#062;<BR>user manager for domains. after that create a new user there. <BR><BR>now come to programs-&#062;windows NT option pack -&#062; internet information server-&#062;default SMTP server-&#062; take the properties by rt click-&#062;click operators - add that user into it. <BR><BR>configuring the DNS with your ip address like you can send mails. <BR>hope you got it. else reply at<BR><BR><BR>

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