When you hit the back button does the browser display the whole of the previous page from the cache or does it execute some part of the script. I have this problem in my asp page: I have radio buttons R1 & R2 and text boxes T1 & T2. When the page is loaded, R1 is checked, T1 is enabled and T2 is disabled. I have a Jscript function which, on click of R1 or R2, enables & disables the respective text boxes. I check R2, enter a value in T2(now T1 will be disabled) and go to the next page. If I return back to this page by clicking the Back button, R2 is still checked, the value is still there in T2, but T2 is disabled and T1 is enabled. Can anyone explain what is happening here and how can I resolve this prblm? My email id is nsuja@yahoo.com