I am creating a file and populating it with some text from SQL Server. But before I create the file, I run a check to see if the file Exists. if it does I delete the file and then create it.<BR>After that I am trying to open the file for display using<BR>&#060;a href= FileName.txt&#062; File &#060;/a&#062;<BR>The first one I open works fine. After that every file I open for display always displays the contents of teh first file I open, even though the first one does not exist on the system. <BR>If I want to display another file, I have to start my app all over again.<BR><BR>The other problem is once in a while it gives an error like<BR>"Permission denied" when its trying to create the file. This again never happebs the first time. Always after the first file has been created and displayed.<BR><BR>What couild be the possible reason for this?<BR>Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.<BR>Thanks