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    I want to include backgroung music to mysite..How can I do this?<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks

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    &#060;object&#062;<BR><BR>The OBJECT element is a proposal from the W3C that will replace and absorb the many methods in use to include multi-media and embedded content in HTML documents. This element can replace all of the functionality in the existing APPLET, EMBED, BGSOUND, SOUND and IMG elements. In order to achieve this, the element has many attributes that require some explanation. <BR><BR>When using OBJECT in place of the APPLET element, the PARAM element is used exactly as it would be with the APPLET element.

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    Add the two lines inyour code:<BR>you should have music.mid (or wav...)<BR><BR>&#060;bgsound src="music.mid" loop="INFINITE"&#062; --&#062; for IE<BR>&#060;embed src="music.mid" HIDDEN=true AUTOSTART=true loop=true width="128" height="128"&#062; --&#062; for NAV<BR>

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