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    I have a SQL 7.0 db with a bunch of car tech junk in it. Most of my users just want to see specs on different cars, really just spitting stuff back out. There are very few changes made to this area of the data each day, maybe once a week at the most. I started thinking about performance and the other areas of the site that will update the db often(messageboard, userprofiles, etc.).<BR><BR>My idea to help performance....<BR>What if I would make a couple of scripts to convert this "tech data" to html or asp pages (via FSO, they would be static then)? I could add a field to the db that would mark it as converted. There are almost 3000 records in the table that would have to be converted the first time this script is ran. Then after that I would be able to mark the ones where changes were made and convert them again, over writing the old ones(I do all changes via web control panel). Getting the data back to the user would still be fairly easy since all of them want to look at a certain car (HONDADELSOL93.asp). I could just build a url string after giving them certain drop down choices. If I wanted to make a global website change (a new look). I would just have to run the FSO script again with the new formatting, overwriting all old pages.<BR><BR>I think this would really take some of the stress of the db since this is one of the "spotlight" areas of this site. I wish I had more cash to spend and get another db, but being a student sometimes is limiting...Anyone need an intern in the southern IL or southeast MO area?<BR><BR>What do you think of my idea? goods, bads, idea?<BR><BR>The dealer.

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    SQL and Access both have an export feature that allows you to make HTML or ASP pages that static problem is the formatting of data that comes out of it you have no control over it

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