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    dyobmiy Guest

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    i&#039m trying to get the example from day 15 on page 499 to work. i&#039m trying to connect to a database though on a server different than the website. i was told this string would accomplish this:<BR><BR>objConn.ConnectionString="DRIVER={Mic rosoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};" & _<BR>"DBQ=D:123.456.78.90aspJobsTest.mdb"<BR><BR>i &#039m using a different database for my purposes, but that shouldn&#039t affect anything as i&#039ve changed the asp to pull out the proper data from the necessary table and etc. assuming the IP address is correct, will this work? it&#039s not working for me. and its difficult to begin to try to figure out the problem when i&#039m not sure if this type of connection is even possible in the first place.<BR><BR>a suggestion for the book would be to not only include dsn and dsn-less connections, but perhaps also include an example or two of the code one would use to connect to a database in a live setting. i don&#039t plan to use asp on one computer in my house. i plan to use it on my host&#039s machines to make my sites more effective. i know it might seem a bit elementary considering one should be able to figure out the necessary adjustments, but the book is focused on beginners and adding a few pages of examples explicitly stating instructions for what the vasy majority of users will end up using asp for seems to make sense.<BR><BR>so thats my suggestion for an otherwise excellent introduction to asp. <BR><BR>any help with my question would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>thanks.

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    Ed Guest

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    Who told you that connection string would work?<BR><BR>Is the drive shared out? There are security issues involved when trying to get an Access database on one machine to talk to a Web server on another. If you need to separate the database from the Web server best to go with SQL Server.

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    dyobmiy Guest

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    i believe i got the string from someone in another forum. they weren&#039t positive it would work.<BR><BR>i understand there are security issues and etc. essentially i need to know if it&#039s possible to do this. then i need to find out how to do it. then i need to test it out and see how it works. then i will consider if its a suitable option. <BR><BR>can anyone answer these questions?<BR><BR>thanks again.

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