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    nath Guest

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    Suppose I wanted to develop an Internet Site (not intranet) what authentication should I be giving. Is it only "Anonymous".<BR>Should I make any other settings on IIS or NT?<BR>Kindly suggest me the steps which I should take care to allow anonymous users to view my Web pages.<BR><BR>Thank YOu

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    Markkk Guest

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    Here are my suggestions for setting up an Anonymous Site:<BR><BR>1. Establish a New Virtual Directory on the web server.<BR> &nbsp;(make sure that this new directory is not physically nested within the root web directory (Inetpubwwwroot), or within another vitrual directory)<BR>2. Make this New Virtual Directory is identified as an "ASP Application"<BR> &nbsp;(an IIS setting from the virtual directory Properties)<BR>3. Create a New NTFS Account to support Anonymous Authentication of your application.<BR> &nbsp; (don&#039t use the default IUSR_MachineName Account! &nbsp; If you do, you run the risk that some other "ASP Application" on the web server could corrupt YOUR Application files via the FileSystemObject.)<BR>4. Make sure that this new NTFS Account has the minimum required NTFS permissions on your virtual directory and files. &nbsp;Usually READ and EXECUTE permissions will do. &nbsp;It may need CHANGE, CREATE and DELETE if files or databases are changed.<BR>5. Remove all other NTFS Accounts from your virtual directory, sub-directories and files.<BR>6. Identify the New NTFS Account as the default Account for Anonymous Authentications on your ASP Application.<BR> &nbsp; (again, if you use the IUSR_MachnineName Account, you are opening the door for other ASP Application to change your files via the FSO)<BR>7. Under the Microsoft management Console (IIS Admin), make sure that READ is checked for all directories and files that need to be served by the web server. Also make sure that you select the SCRIPT or EXECUTE bullet if you plan on sereving asp pages.<BR><BR>To learn more about Authentication, impersonation, Delegation and other Security issues, as it related to NT and IIS, I suggest that you read:<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>I hope this helps!!!<BR><BR>

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