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    got a question that may sound stupid but in the realm of using asp and com objects:<BR><BR>to benefit from the connection pooling and increase in speed. why wouldn&#039t one create a generic dll, in which the user would pass an sql statement to the dll and then have the dll return a recordset? wouldn&#039t this solve the problem of numerous conncetions to the db as well as increase speed by not using scripting to access the db?<BR><BR>please enlighten me as i am about to finish my generic code to do such.<BR><BR>steve-o

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    If you&#039re about to finish it then you&#039re nearly in the position to answer that yourself. Just knock up a couple of test pages that (for example) insert, update and retreive 10,000 or so records. Do one with script and one with your component and see which one&#039s faster. Then get a stress-testing tool and see how a large number of users affects it. Then come back and tell us all about it :-)<BR><BR>You should hopefully find that your component is slightly quicker and much more scalable, but that depends on how good a job you do of writing it.<BR><BR>Dunc

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