Hello. I&#039m using OO4O (Oracle Objects for OLE) to make a connection to Oracle in ASP. The code was running on our web server last week, but now it doesn&#039t work, producing the following error:<BR><BR>-----<BR>Oracle Automation error &#039 800a01b8&#039<BR><BR>Unable to make connection, ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error<BR>-----<BR><BR>Here&#039s a snippet of the code that was working. It remained unchanged, so the same code was working before:<BR><BR>Set objSession = CreateObject("OracleInProcServer.XOraSession") <BR>Set objDatabase = objSession.OpenDatabase(Application("strService"), Application("strUserPass"), Application("intMode"))<BR><BR>The OpenDatabase() method is causing the error. The log-in information is correct and present.<BR><BR>The code runs on my local machine that uses an ODBC UserDSN to locate the database. I tried setting up a UserDSN / SystemDSN on the web server, but the same error was generated.<BR><BR>How can I solve this problem? Also, is there a way to specify what port OO4O uses for the database connection. What is the port anyway?