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Thread: +++WE CAN DO ASP WORK AT 18$ PER HOUR +++

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    Tanuj Malik Guest

    Default +++WE CAN DO ASP WORK AT 18$ PER HOUR +++

    Dear Sir,<BR> We are group of Indian Web Developers.We have very good skills in Web Development, we have both programmers and designers to complement each other.We have been designing sites from last 2 yrs.We charge 18$ per hour<BR>Our Skills in programming consistute <BR>HTML, DHTML<BR>ASP (Active Server Pages) with database integration<BR>Cold Fusion<BR>PHP3<BR>Java, Applets, Servelets,Java Beans<BR>Java Script<BR>Databases like MS-Sql,MySql, Access & Oracle<BR>Languages C, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic<BR> We have capabilities to design any web application however complex it may be, we have one of world best programmers with us and can deliver a project in shortest time frame possible.<BR> <BR>Our Skills in Web Designing Consistute<BR>Designing using Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator, Coreldraw, PhotoImpact,<BR>Macromedia Flash<BR>Editors like Fronpage,Dreamweaver, Fireworks<BR>Animations using Gif Animator,ImageReady, Animation Shop<BR> We design eyecatching, fast downloading sites keeping in mind clients specifications.<BR> Our charges are most economical and promise our clients a world class product which meets all there specifications.We are ready to take any project howsoever small or big it may be.We can also work on sub contracts.We lookforward to an oppurtunity from your side.<BR>We are available at ICQ at 30724000<BR> <BR>Thanking you,<BR>Tanuj Malik<BR>email:tanujmalik@usa.net

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    Alphabet Guest

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    You guys are selling yourselves short.<BR>I make more than that working on a salary.

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    xxxx Guest

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    If you are "one of world best programmers", why are you only charging $18 an hour. When you charge so little, it not only hurts you but the rest of the industry.

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    Rob Guest

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    I have had about enough of these posts.<BR>For starters, the verdict is coming in on these 18.00 an<BR>hour programmers and it&#039s not good. In the last 2 months I have rewritten an application done by 18.00 an hour programmers, in the process of babysitting another 18.00 an hour project, and have heard HORROR stories from others who used them and gotten nowhere.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, your incompetant offerings are leading potential clients to expect rock bottom rates for a skill we are well above. In the last 2 months the flood of 18.00 an hour programmers has hurt the market. This will change in time as people realize you get what you pay for.<BR><BR>You people are way below the going rate for the skill and craft required and you are also far below the skill level. I want to hear from 1 client who has used an 18.00 an hour contractor on a MAJOR Ecomm project and came away satisfied. <BR><BR>Furthermore, what is 18.00 an hour in india nad these other foreign countries? The quivalent to 200.00 an hour in the states? Be a little considerate of us for a change.<BR><BR>Rob<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Tanuj Malik Guest


    Hi Friends,<BR> I am same guy who put this posting here It was not to hurt anyone.We are very disappointed that people are making all sorts of stories that in this rate we cannot do it.Instead give us work and see how we perform it.<BR>"TRY IT BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING" is our message<BR>Thanks<BR>Tanuj Malik<BR>tanujmalik@usa.net<BR>ICQ-30724000

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    Dan Olson Guest

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    Can you give me a price for creating a Member Login page for a web site. I need to duplicate the Member Login page for a web site that was created in Tango. I need an ASP scripted Login page that is being hosted on a NT Server. Or can you direct me to someone who can? The site that is being rebuilt is www.fappo.org<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Dan <BR>email danlolson@earthlink.net

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    The following, excellent asp site has code for a simple password on an asp page and also code for checking passwords against entries in a database table.<BR><BR>http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/jobs.asp?M=79241&P=1&F=33

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    al dawg Guest

    Default RE: +++WE CAN DO ASP WORK AT 18$ PER HOUR +++

    There are plenty of articles on 4guys, and here on the messageboard that can help you do it for FREE. And you&#039ll get the satisfaction of knowing the code (that way if you revamp again later, you&#039re the one who wrote the origingal, not some guy 3/4 the way around the world). A good job is a job done yourself.

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