Registering DLL's at webhost?

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Thread: Registering DLL's at webhost?

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    I see several functions that need to register dll&#039s. np if i were to run the server myself, but the pages i generate will be put on servers at webhosting companies. <BR>How do I register dll&#039s on a hosted server? Do i need to send them the DLL&#039s or something?<BR>Are there any FREE sites that makes it possible to register DLL&#039s?<BR><BR>Man! is there a lot of new things to take into consideration on the web :)<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>Kim Andersen<BR>

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    Sorry Kim, you need to send your Host the .dlls... THey need to reside on the system. As well you have to ask them to register them. Not all Hosts will install .dlls without a lot of hoops to jump thru. There are COM objects that will let you register your own .dlls but you have to get one of them installed first which probably won&#039t happen.<BR>Bear in mind, the Host wants to make sure that the box will stay up because most likely you aren&#039t the only customer residing ont it.

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