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    I need to provide a button on a web page that will allow the user to save the page to their local machine, exactly as if they had selected the &#039File-&#062;Save As&#039 option from their browser&#039s toolbar. The problem I run into is that the file is of .htm type. So even if I set the link as "file://c:/pathname/filename", the browser knows how to handle it, and thus displays it, rather than giving me the &#039download&#039 dialog box. I tried using an intermediate .ASP file to send a Response.ContentType = &#039xyz&#039 before the rest of the page. This gives me the &#039download&#039 dialog box, as desired, but the filename defaults to the .ASP pagename, rather than the .HTM filename. I found in O&#039Reily&#039s DHTML reference the attribute named &#039Type&#039 for the &#060;A&#062; tag, however, it is not yet supported by IE or NN.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR>

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    sorry, if the browsers don&#039t support it, you won&#039t get it.<BR><BR>and a good thing too<BR><BR>if you must do that, provide a mypage.html.txt file of the source, and ask your users to right click and select &#039download&#039<BR><BR>jason

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