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    can any body plese tell me what r the disadvantages in opening <BR>a connection in global.asa (application variable)<BR>ps-i am opening the connection and puting it in a applicaltion<BR>variable<BR>plese help this is urgent

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    AArrgghhhhh!!!!!!!!<BR><BR>NEVER, EVER, EVER store a connection in Application scope!!! (In fact, I don&#039t think ASP will let you...)<BR><BR>1. It&#039s the wrong threading model.<BR>2. If you could do it, it would force all your scripts to contend fot the use of a single connection - a MAJOR bottleneck.<BR>3. It completely defeats all the attempts of the underlying OLE-DB / ODBC and COM architeture to be scalable through connection and object pooling.<BR><BR>And don&#039t think of putting it in Session scope either - that&#039s every bit as bad. Create it as late as possible, use it, then close and destroy it as soon as possible - that&#039s the rule for scalability.<BR><BR>Dunc

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