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    Why is the following statement only valid in VBS and not in JScript:<BR><BR>Session("userid") = Request.Form("userid");<BR><BR>JScript generates error:<BR>ASP 0168; An intrinsic object cannot be stored within the Session object.<BR><BR>

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    Because in JScript you need to explicitly refer to Request.Form("userid").Value, I think.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    JScript, while it&#039s loosely typed, has stronger type support than VBScript, so has problems with things like this if you don&#039t take care (which is GOOD)<BR><BR>Session("myVar") = new String(Request.Form("whatever").value)<BR><BR>will put it there as a string, which is what you wanted, rather than an object reference or intrinsic object.<BR><BR>All praise to ASP JScripters!!<BR><BR>jason

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