Something just occured to me after answering a question in the JScript forum on JS objects:<BR><BR>When the .NET platform finally launches will IE clients still be running JScript/JavaScript/ECMAScript or will they be running JScript.NET?<BR><BR>I seem to recall that JScript.NET is sufficiently different (ie no eval(), changes to object constructor definition etc) that a lot of the existing scripts out there will have major problems. I know the official line is "these features are not widely used" which may be true on the server-side or on a solely MS platform, but there&#039s a lot of cross-browser stuff that relies entirely on the ability to build code at runtime and eval() it. Plus I really like the psuedo-OO stuff you can do with constructors (and I&#039m not the only one) - is this going to be a problem?<BR><BR>Dunc