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    i&#039m wondering if it&#039s possible to access variables from a dll. specifically i have a product that sends the contents of an html form into a dll on the server. i would then like to be able to either get this info from the dll or from the html form. However, regardless of when i get the info it still has to pass through the dll at some point. thanks in advance

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    as long as the variables are public, yes it&#039s possible. the documentation for the particular .dll will tell you what&#039s accessible or not. however, if you just want the form contents, why don&#039t you just use ASP&#039s Request Object?<BR><BR>jason

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    Yep, but I&#039m not the man to go into big details about it. There are a couple of different ways to go about this prblem.<BR><BR>You can either access your .dll as a COM call ie: Server.CreateObject or you can call it as an ISAPI .dll<BR><BR>Like I said, take my advice and if pain persists seek further help - That&#039s my way of telling you I haven&#039t really told you anything.

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    thanks for the prescription - i&#039ll take it into consideration as i&#039m still tossing around different ideas on how to tackle this

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    thanks for responding. well the program i&#039m using creates the forms dynamically ie the pages don&#039t actually "sit" anywhere on the server. it also "creates" the submit button and sends the info from the form directly to a dll. i&#039ve tried having the contents sent to an asp page as well but i can&#039t seem to grab the field contents using request. is there a different syntax for calling these variable perhaps??

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