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    I have xperienced this a number of times and i am not able to get to the solution.<BR><BR>The thing is when i open a recordset there are so many instances where it does not allow me to do the normal rs.close<BR><BR>It gives me some strange error saying object saying<BR><BR>The operation requested by the application not allowed if the object is closed.<BR><BR>All i am doing is closing the recordset<BR><BR>Is there anything else to this?<BR><BR>Thankz in advance<BR>

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    set Buffering to true at the top of your ASP scripts<BR><BR>Response.Buffer = true<BR><BR>open connections and recordsets as late as possible<BR>close them as early as possible - these two rules are very important. ADO cleans up it&#039s own mess, so it may get there before you. <BR><BR>jason

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