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    I am amazed by some of the stupid questions asked on this board.<BR><BR>EG1 (Generic ASP Question):<BR><BR>Not a line of code shown, and my program comes up with error xxx on line yyy, pls tell me whats wrong.<BR><BR>EG2 (Generic SQL Question):<BR><BR>Not a line of code shown, and my sql statement does not work. What&#039s wrong. Pls tell me.<BR><BR>My suggestions:<BR><BR>Before asking a question, have a good look at your code. <BR><BR>Use a Response.Write statement or 2 or 20 to check any relevent variables have expected values.<BR><BR>If SQL Statement fails, display it via Response.Write in your web page. Then if it looks right but still doesn&#039t work properly, copy it and paste if into your DBMS&#039s SQL builder, execute it there, and see what it does. Then modify it to get it to work. Use the SQL statement, so generated to modify the offending SQL statement in your ASP. You may need to iterate this process a number of times till you get it right.<BR><BR>If you have to ask how to create an E-shop, messageboard, guestbook, automailer or upload facilities then you should first get a book on the subject and go through the examples, or do a course at a university or qualified training org. These types of questions are just too braods.<BR><BR>Don&#039t ask a question that you know the answer to. I have seen so many questions that would have just need a slight change to the code to test out a theory.

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    You&#039re preaching to the choir.

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    Default i didn't realise....

    ...this was a religious forum...<BR><BR>j<BR>;-)

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