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    Hi, for those who are familiar with javascript, lets say i have this:<BR><BR>var a;<BR>var x ="abcdefg";<BR><BR>a = x.charAt(2);<BR>alert(a);<BR><BR>this will display an alert displaying `c`<BR><BR>if you understand, the javascript function charAt() returns what is at the 2nd place in the string (really the third because javascript counts 0,1,2...)<BR><BR>can anyone tell me the equivalent of charAt() in vb..?<BR><BR>much appreciated =)<BR>

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    MyVar="abcdefg"<BR><BR>Myvar=mid(Myvar,3,1)<BR><BR >would be c

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    Thankx =)<BR><BR>i find that vb has alot of .. well i don&#039t think it&#039s a neat language.. i find that javascript is soo much more consistent..<BR><BR>anyways.. just my .02c<BR><BR>peace

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