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    The tech preview that has been discussed is now available for download at <BR><BR>Have Fun,<BR>John

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    Default Correction on the URL

    (Quoted from the 4Guys homepage...)<BR><BR>UPDATE (08/07/2000) 4:53 PST: The link seems to bring up a blank HTML page... Hmmm... perhaps Microsoft accidentally released the bits too early, a mistake? I&#039ll keep you updated on the status of this! <BR><BR>UPDATE (08/07/2000) 5:11 PST: While the .NET home page is blank, you can still get directly to the SDK to download @ It&#039s a long download, but I&#039d hurry up and suck it down... I don&#039t know if Microsoft accidentally slipped up in releasing the bits too soon... grab them now before you have to wait another month!<BR>

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    Default Correction on my last Post!

    Ah, there was no mistake, Microsoft has officially released the bits... at this time the homepage is still blank for me... however, you can access the bits @<BR><BR>Microsoft warns: "This pre-beta software should only be installed on non-production test machines. Windows® 2000 (including IIS) and Internet Explorer 5.5 are required."

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