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    B Russ Guest

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    Is there any way to create virtual directories with ASP? I have some codes but it doesn&#039t seem to work :<BR><BR>set oiis = getobject("iis://localhost/w3svc/1/root")<BR>set ovirtualdir = oiis.create("iiswebvirtualdir", companycode)<BR>ovirtualdir.path = fso.BuildPath(server.MapPath("."), "D:Inetpubviadevcompany\" & companycode)<BR>ovirtualdir.accessread = true<BR>ovirtualdir.accesswrite = false<BR>ovirtualdir.accessexecute = false<BR>ovirtualdir.authanonymous = false<BR>ovirtualdir.authbasic = true<BR>ovirtualdir.authntlm = true<BR>ovirtualdir.contentindexed = false<BR>ovirtualdir.enabledirbrowsing = false<BR>ovirtualdir.appisolated = false<BR><BR>The first line keeps giving the error "Permission denied: &#039getobject&#039". Can anyone help?

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    SPG Guest

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    Keyword: ADSI<BR><BR>Okay, the getObject is an Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) call. You have to have it specially installed on a pre-Win2K server -- Win2K shouldn&#039t give you a choice. <BR><BR>Additionally, you&#039ll need to be logged in as a sysadmin (Software Artisans FileManager can log users in...) in order to really do anything fun with ADSI. <BR><BR>If you&#039re needing to track things across domains (especially users), you&#039ll have to have Kerberos turned on.<BR><BR>As I recall, an article both here and another on have information on using ADSI with virtual directories. (I only ever use it to build real permissions lists.)<BR><BR>HiH

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