Today, the strange things happened. all my ms sqlserver7.0 don&#039t work.I don&#039t know if I did sth or admin did sth. please help me!<BR>when request the asp page. it shows msg below:<BR>[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The request for procedure &#039tblCompany&#039 failed because &#039tblCompany&#039 is a table object. <BR><BR>If I try to view my records, it don&#039t allow me .show the msg below:<BR>An unexpected error happened during this operation<BR>[Query]--Query Design encountered a Query error. unspecified error.<BR> I think this is permission problem. please slove this for me.thanks thanks thanks.<BR><BR>another question:<BR>I can create a table in a database. should I give permission to the table? like set iuser_&#060;machine name&#062; or sthelse? because When I simply create a table, It don&#039t allow me to open it .<BR><BR>please please help me , I think all the websites are down now!!!<BR>