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    How do I deal with variable values that may contain apostrophes (AKA single quotes)? When such a variable is used in an SQL statement, the apostrophe effectively ends the value in the statement, leaving everything after it as SQL gibberish. <BR><BR>variable: lastname<BR>value: d&#039Arby<BR><BR>SQL ends up being "select * from table where lastname = &#039d&#039Arby&#039"<BR><BR>You see the dilemna. SQL thinks the value is &#039d&#039. Nevermind the strange command called Arby&#039.

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    Hi<BR> You have to use lastname variable value as d&#039&#039Arby<BR>i mean your SQL string should be <BR>sql="select * from table where lastname = &#039d&#039&#039Arby&#039"<BR><BR>Bye<BR>bskumar25

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