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    Eugenia Guest

    Default New to asp files - how to create a disclaimer page

    Hi,<BR>I hope I&#039m in the right forum. I am totally new to the concept of asp files and how it works, etc, but from what I&#039ve read I need to create one to finish a project. <BR>I need to create a disclaimer page for an employee handbook online and at the bottom give the options of "I agree" and "disagree". Obviously if the user chooses disagree they get sent back to the main page, but only by pressing I agree can they get into the handbook. Yet, I don&#039t want the users to be able to bypass the disclaimer by just typing the URL of the handbook page. Can anyone tell me how I should go about making this?<BR>Plus, do I need any programs to create an asp file, or any software for the intranet server so that it can read asp codes?<BR>Thank you! <BR><BR>-Eugenia

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    Papa Zito Guest

    Default RE: New to asp files - how to create a disclaimer

    You do most of this with client-side (non-ASP) scripting. The one part that I&#039d use ASP for is the redirect part. What I would do is this :<BR><BR>((For the disclaimer page))<BR><BR>&#060;html&#062;<BR>&#060;head&#062; <BR>&#060;Title&#062;Disclaimer&#060;/title&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;script language="Vbscript"&#062;<BR><BR>sub Agree_Onclick<BR>Location.Href="WhateverYourHandbo okIs.asp?Check=True"<BR>end sub<BR><BR>Sub Disagree_Onclick<BR>Location.Href="Default.htm"<BR >end sub<BR><BR>----regular HTML stuff for disclaimer----<BR><BR>&#060;input type="Button" value="I Agree" Name="Agree"&#062;<BR>&#060;input type="Button" Value="I Disagree" Name="Disagree&#062;<BR><BR>This will do the buttons. The ?Check=True is for the next part. Now, on your handbook file(s), you need to change the extensions to .asp, and add this as the first few lines to each one :<BR><BR>&#060;%If Request.QueryString("Check") = "" then<BR>Response.Redirect("Disclaimer.htm")<BR>end if%&#062;<BR><BR>That should do it. Keep in mind that someone can just bookmark the page with the ?Check=True part in it... If you&#039re not using frames, then you&#039ll have to set up a frame page with one frame in it to hide that.<BR><BR>You don&#039t need any programs to make an asp file... You can use Notepad or whatever. You do need Personal Web Server 4 or IIS 4 or 5 to read asp. Also remember that you can&#039t just double-click an asp file to open it... It has to be requested by the browser to that the server can execute the asp code. Meaning, you have to put the URL into the address bar.<BR><BR>Hope that answered your question...

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    Eugenia Guest

    Default RE: New to asp files - how to create a disclaimer

    Thank you, I&#039ll give it a try!<BR><BR>-Eugenia

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    Eugenia Guest

    Default RE: Another question -how to create a disclaimer

    Since there are other links on the handbook(asp) page, would users still be able to get straight into those links if they typed in the URL of the link within the handbook(asp) page?<BR>And is there a way to prevent someone from being able to get straight in the handbook page by bookmarking it?<BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>-Eugenia

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    Eugenia Guest

    Default HELP! to create a disclaimer

    I tried out the code... and the disclaimer page comes out in internet explorer. However, when I try to open the disclaimer page in Netscape, the I agree and disagree buttons don&#039t appear! Anyone know why? Thank you!<BR><BR>-Eugenia

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