need .html as well as .asp for a form?

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Thread: need .html as well as .asp for a form?

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    Default need .html as well as .asp for a form?

    Hi, Im still having problems gettin a form into an Access database. Upon more reading I have a question that may fix my problem.<BR>When you make a form, do you make it as html or asp?<BR>I have a singup.html form with an "action=signup.asp" which takes me to the asp file. IS this correct or do I actualy make ONE page, having the ASP/SQL/HTML all on one page?? if so, how do you do that? <BR>My problem is that upon entering the form, I get another page in the browser that shows the: "insert into" statement, but it doesnt go into the database.<BR>Does anyone know of any examples somewhere I may see?<BR>thanx for help.

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    Default RE: need .html as well as .asp for a form?

    try looking at the tutorials on - i think you&#039re a bit confused<BR><BR>jason<BR><BR>p.s. .asp and .html make no difference to the browser, so it doesn&#039t matter which your form appears in

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