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    Here&#039s a bit of wisdom. A lot of you will probably already know this, but I often find myself needing to be reminded of it:<BR><BR>When trying to debug somebody else&#039s work, don&#039t listen to them. They&#039ve done something [horribly] wrong and cannot be trusted to tell you what. (If this weren&#039t the case, you wouldn&#039t be there debugging their work, would you?)<BR><BR>Hope it saves somebody an hour of frustration.

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    I try not to answer messages on this forum with the following<BR><BR>&#039i get an error message&#039 - but they don&#039t include the error message - like duh!<BR><BR>same statement, but they post 200+ lines of code - screw them, they&#039re not worth the effort<BR><BR>&#039please give me some code&#039 - this isn&#039t a charity, we&#039re not here to do other people&#039s jobs, we&#039re here to help you, not spoonfeed you<BR><BR><BR>generally, The quality of question reflects the quality of answer (and vice versa). ask something stupid, I&#039ll give you an intractible (or borderline abusive) answer. I&#039ve been berated by users of this forum before about &#039being rude&#039 but, like i said, I&#039m not here to spoonfeed people.<BR><BR>if they ask a question, they have to do their bit to get it answered, that&#039s the whole idea. And could the admistrators please enlarge the link to the FAQ to, say, 48pt bold &#039blink&#039 text to get these people&#039s attention?<BR><BR>i thank you for your kind indulgence<BR><BR>jason

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    If you don&#039t like stupid questions why are you here at all?<BR>1. At some point in their coding careers everyone invariably asks the &#039stupid question&#039. They just don&#039t know it is stupid until someone responds to them and show them the simplicity of the problem etc.<BR>2. Not everyone posts code since not every message needs code to be posted. I agree with the problem of not posting code when the users asks that a certain line be debugged. But it may just be escaping their logic at the time. Hye how many times have we sent an email out and later had to resend it with the attachment that it shoud have had?<BR>3. Why not give out vast tracts of code? If the user is truely new, they won&#039t be able to understand it. If the user understands it they may be able to help fix a problem or suggest an improvement.<BR>I don&#039t agree that anyone should be giving out attitude because you don&#039t like how someone has asked a question. You don&#039t own this forum. I&#039m sure your more &#039abusive&#039 posts wouldn&#039t make it on the moderated forums.<BR>Hey, when I started ASPing, I used this as well as a few other forums to gain knowledge and support. That&#039s what they are here for. I can&#039t remember how many idiotic questions I asked but, they were answere and I learned. Now I still ask the occasional idiotic question (I don&#039t pretend to know it all.) but I answer as many as I can in order to help others who are in a position I used to be in.<BR>If you don&#039t want to reply to a specific post because you think it is moronic, don&#039t show who the bigger moron is by posting trash that isn&#039t about ASP.

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    The administrators of this board have left the building.<BR>I haven&#039t talked to any of them in long while.<BR><BR>Of course they could just be pissed at me for berating newbies. <BR>;-)<BR>

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    From a novice new to programming and this forum of messageboards I thank you both, for your criticisms and suggestions. The hardest thing about this forum is silence, I pour over every reading material I can and spend hours on the net searching for answers. Rewriting code has some of my production folders over 100MG. I bagan over a year ago looking for a programming job to get started with, I ended up a Web Master having the sole responsibility of a web site, server configuration issues, programming, security, maintaining over 1,700 links on site for company manuals, anything and everything to do with this site I have already done. I read and strain till I think I&#039m going to pop a blood vessel. I work for a child company of a larger corp. with strained relations, there is no one here to help and I can&#039t go higher up, I am all alone here. Thanks for your abuse and thanks for your suggestions and mostly thank you both for your patience with my ignorance. I am really glad you&#039re there, as I said the only thing I dread from you both is silence! Thanks!<BR>

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