Oddcast is an interactive entertainment company creating technologies<BR>that allow for user-generated media. Our signature product, the Video<BR>Mixer, is the first consumer level on-line video editor. We&#039ve worked<BR>with a number of Fortune 500 companies and major entertainment sites.<BR><BR>We&#039re looking for a Web Applications team leader and a senior Database<BR>Administrator/Architecht.<BR><BR>If we sound intriguing, contact Shane Keats at 212.375.6290 or<BR>Shane@oddcast.com. We&#039re happy to tell you more about what we do and<BR>would love to hear about your experience.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Web Application Team Leader<BR><BR>Requirements:<BR>· Documented experience in building a commecial industrial strength web application.<BR>· Strong database programming background.<BR>· Plus: ASP, Visual Basic, JavaScript, MTS, DCOM. C++, Java are all highly desirable.<BR>· Demonstrated abilities in leading a software development process from design through implementation.<BR>· Four years of experience in application development with an internet / web oriented company<BR><BR>Database Administrator / Architect<BR><BR>Requirements:<BR>· Experience developing and designing complex database systems using either MS SQL7 or Oracle 8.<BR>· Experience in client / server interaction with databases - specifically interaction of ASP with databases.<BR>· Full life-cycle management from inception through deployment of database systems and their design<BR>· Must work well with application developers to respond to the needs of an evolving platform.<BR>· Demonstrated ability to administer databases in a high volume environment<BR>· Four years minimum experience.<BR>