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    I have a list of check boxes generated from a table of hobbies in a database.<BR>I want to select a recordset from another table of personal details using the checked option in the above checkboxes.<BR><BR>the personal details and the hobbies table are linked using an intermediate table which links the userid and the hobby id (since it is a one to many relation).<BR><BR>Kindly help me with the select statement. I do naot know how many checkboxes will be generated from the hobbies table as it will be dynamic and the no of hobbies can change any moment of time.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>

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    If you name all the check boxes the same and give each one a different value then on the response page when you call the value of the check box you will get an object array like<BR><BR>say there are 3 checkboxes named hobbies <BR>1-basball<BR>2-basketball<BR>3 soccer<BR><BR>if the users selects <BR><BR>1 and three you will get an array like<BR><BR>baseball, soccer<BR><BR>then you can do a replace on that value to change the , to sql<BR><BR>VarWhere=Replace(Request.form(Hobbies") ,",", "&#039 Or Hobbies=&#039")<BR><BR>Sql="Select * from Table Where Hobbies=&#039" & VarWhere & "&#039;"<BR><BR>you would get<BR><BR>Select * from Table Where Hobbies=&#039baseball&#039 or Hobbies=&#039soccer&#039;"<BR><BR>

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