Javascript dissappears in Netscape???

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Thread: Javascript dissappears in Netscape???

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    Default Javascript dissappears in Netscape???

    I&#039ve seen this a few times and have yet to see any rhyme or reason to it. Some of my web-pages which contain blocks of Javascript work fine in IE, but fail in Netscape. When I view source within IE, I can see all the Javascript in its proper place. However, if I view the source in Netscape, all of the javascript has vanished! This is causing serious problems for our project.<BR><BR>Has anyone ever seen this before? And does anyone know the cause or a workaround?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Chris Schnyder

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    got any further specifics?<BR><BR>there are differences with the view source mechanism in the browsers. what IE shows you is it&#039s temporary copy, what netscape shows you is a generated copy of what it&#039s rendered, so you usually end up with different looking code anyway (you&#039ll notice Netscape flashes warnings on invalid html? that&#039s the source generation in action)<BR><BR>jason

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